What is Progress Out of Poverty (PPI)?

I. Background

Who we are:

Nicolle Poian and Cindy Yang are volunteers in the Catalyst Corps with Bankers Without Borders, a branch of Grameen Foundation. We’re committed to the goal of microfinance and its mission to provide financial services to the poorest of the poor. As members of the Catalyst Corps, our goal is to create awareness of Grameen’s Progress Out of Poverty Index (PPI) and to help raise funds in support of this tool . Read more about us here.

The PPI:

The Progress out of Poverty IndexTM (PPI™) is a simple and accurate tool that measures poverty levels of groups and individuals. So, using the PPI, microfinance institutions (MFI’s) can:

  1. Better determine their clients’ needs
  2. Measure which programs are most effective
  3. Quantify how quickly clients leave poverty
  4. Determine what helps them to move out of poverty faster

It helps ensure your donations are going to those who needs it most. With PPI, your aid moves beyond good intentions; it ensures good impact.

Does anyone else believe in this thing?

In the past, to support the Progress Out of Poverty Index, Grameen Foundation has partnered with organizations like the Michael and Susan Dell FoundationCisco FoundationFord FoundationThe Moody’s Foundation, Paul and Yaffa Maritz, Cordaid, and McGraw-Hill.

II. What are we doing now?

Ecuador – We are fundraising for a certification of a MFI in Ecuador…. *more to come – website / video *

Read more about our team, Jennifer and Sergio in our Ecuador post!

III. What you can do to join our cause

Learn more, do more, and stay tuned!

Please visit our website to learn more about our cause! Keep following us and leave us a comment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Help us fundraise!

Remember that any donation – from as little as the cost of your morning coffee – helps you too! We are a tax-deductible organization, and have received numerous awards and recognition over the years.


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